Chapter Two


I heard my noisy phone so I grab it while still lying on the bed.

I look at the screen and I saw Lesley calling..

                    Lesley Calling.......

            📞Answer      📞Decline


"Are you not awake up yet?"



"Why? What is it"

"Oh my god did you forgot?"

"We have a day class today girl"


"Yeah, Did you forgot?"

"I'm sorry, I'll go get ready okay"

"Okay, Just do it faster, it's already 7:30 am, the class starts at 8:00"

"Okay thanks bye"

Oh my god, Just what in the world happened to me so I woke up this late. Nevermind, I just need to be fast..

After taking shower, I brushed my teeth and quickly fix my self at the mirror.

I didn't bother to have breakfast bacause I'm gonna be late at this time.

I checked the house again and lock it, and wait for a taxi, gladly there is one this instant, so I immediately hop in and said where my destinatiin is.

After I got off I quickly run through the hallwy to catch up for my first class, But suddenly I hit a wall no, a it's a person so I stopped from running.

"Sorry"...I said and I was about to walk away when he suddenly speak.

"Is that all?"...I already said sorry. What does he want right now?

"Yeah, isn't sorry enough?"...I said to him and slowly faced him.

"Woah do you think, sorry is enough, with this?"....he said and started showing his uniform stained with a juice he's drinking...

I didn't say anything.

"Next time, look at where are you going instead of bumoing someone like this, Tsk! Bumper"...WTF. Did he just call me a Bumper.

I was supposed to talkback to him when I remembered my class. If it isn't fo my class I would've hit this jerk in his face.

"Hey, how dare you call me a bumper?".....I said while glaring at him and I noticed there are other students that are watching us right now and some of them are whispering to each other.

"Oh my god, How dare she talk to, Wayne?"

"Is she insane?"

"Well maybe she is, she bump at him and even dare to fight with him..."

"Well what can we do  a new face always make a scene...."

I heard them whispering about this Wayne, whatever guy...I don't care about him.

"See their looks at you, You're dead right now Ms. Bumper"....he said and I want to punch him this instant but I don't want to be detention causing a scene like this.

"Whatever! Jerk!"...I loudly said and I know they whisphered at me again but I don't care. I hate this, being late at my first class period.

As I faced the door of our classroom my heart began to thump so loud and I'm nervous right now because our lec. right now is a strict one and hates  a late comer.

My hands we're shaking when I knock the door.


"Come in"...Hearing her voice makes me scared and I let myself in although I'm really nervous.

After closing the door I saw my classmates are staring at me, like I'm at fault for something but one thing really caught my attention...The guy at the third row seat....Yeah It's the guy, The JERK from the hallway.

Is it my bad day today, that bad things keep happening to me?

And then I saw him smirk on me so I glared at him until my lec. Speak.

"Explain"....she said in a low but very strict tone. "I'm sorry Miss, It's my fault, I woke up late".....I said and waited for her answer.

"Since you're only a min. Late I'll let it slide today"...whooh...Thank god she let me slip away this time, and yhis is my first time also. If it wasn't for that JERK. Arghh Curse him!

As I sat down to my seat I noticed Lesley smiling from ear to ear...

"Hey Lesley what's hapenning?".....I asked. "Yah you really don't know?!"

Hey, and How do I know what's happening if she's not gonna tell me.

"No"....I said and she just wouldn't stop giggling all the way here and there. I'm confused right now.

"Oh my god Sarah, You're not gonna believe it, Wayne transferred to our class"....she said happily.

Does that mean That jerk wants to be a doctor. Well, I don't CARE

I know Wayne Grayson, he is what they called a heartthrob in this university. He is one of the varsity player in basketball in this school. And also he has 3 friends...Daniel, Crane and Lucas. More importantly His parents are the owner of this university, so many students are treating like his highness.

They are the heartthrobs of this school but for me, they are like us, a student who goes in and out in this university.

"And what do I have to do with it"....I said calmly while taking out my notebook to take down some notes.

Oh! Right I know what's she gonna say. "Did you forget he's my long time crush"....she said and blushed.

"I know, I didn't forget"....but he's a jerk Lesley, okay I admit he has the looks that every girl would fall for, but not me, He is tall and have a brown eyes.

Inshort he is really a heartthrob. I have known him for a long time and she has a girlfriend.

"Hey Lesley, did you forgot that he already has a girl?"....I asked while focusing on taking some notes. "Yah don't ruin my mood here, I know that already, but what can I do?"....she said like there is no other choice left in the world.

I sighed and look at her, and I saw her pouting. "Hey don't give me a look like that"

"Aish, Can someone tell me how to break the icey heart of my friend?"....she said and I laughed at her.

"But you know what girl, In your 18 years of existence, you've never been inlove, do you not wish to?"....she curiously asked me and I nod at her.

"I don't need to, I just....want to..fullfil my dreams and my future"....I said while my focus was still on our lec. discussing infront.

"You know what Sarah, I envy you, you know? Because You already  had a plan for your dreams and future"....she said. "Why would you envy, infact I do envy you too--"....there she goes again cutting me off. "I know what you're trying to say, you know that you're like a family to us"....she said to me, she's aware about my past and situation so I atleast know that she's trying to avoid some things that may remind me of my past which I'm thankful.

After discussion, I fixed my things same goes for Lesley and after that we headed out so we could both go home already.

While walking through the hallway I noticed that there is something missing in my things so I checked it again and I noticed that my History notebook aren't there.

"Hey Lesley, can you wait for a moment, I think I left my History notebook in our classroom, so I'll get it"...I said and she just nod at me so I quickly get back to our classroom.

I was about to enter the classroom when I heard someone, maybe couples arguing at the side.

"Wayne, let's stop this"...Inheard some girl's voice maybe his girlfriend.

"But....Kleir--"....I heard Wayne's voice this time, and it seems like he's about to plead her. "I don't love you anymore"

"Is something wrong Kleir? Tell me! Maybe I can fix it"

"There isn't something to fix Wayne"

"It's over now Wayne"

"Why, do you have to do this Kleir, Tell me it isn't true? I know you still love me Kleir, Please!"

"No I don't Wayne, so just please stop"....Kleir said to Wyne and left him there.

I noticed that it's quiet already so I entered the room and start searching my freaking notebook.

"Thank god I found you"...I said putting my notebook inside my bag and the I heard someone footstep wlking towards my direction so I turned my head to see it.

"Did you hear it? All of it?"...he asked me and I nod. "Yes, is there a problem?"...I asked him while calmly looking at him. "Just....why? Huh, Why of all people? It's you bumper"....Argh I hte that bumper thing. I really want to punch him but I didn't cause I know he's heart broken right now.

"What if I heard it? Hmm? What will you do?"..I confidently saod infront of him.

"Just keep your mouth shut"....he sternly said before leaving the classroom. Woah, did he just tell me to shut my mouth?

Yah...Who does he think he are? Tsk! Nevermind, I'm not a talkative person so maybe I will not be able to speak about that...and ofcourse why would I.

After that, I quickly headed to the parking lot and I saw Lesley there waiting for me.

"Hey, what took you so long?"....she asked. "Well, It took me a lot of time to find this"....I said as I showed here my notebook.. "Then you could've brought me to help you"

"It's okay atleast I've found it already, Let's go".....she nodded at me and get in the car.



"My mom said that if we have a schedule for a day class your shift will be at night and vice versa like that"...she said and I nodded at her.

"Okay by the way Lesley, Thank you and your mom for helping me"

"It's okay, by the way Sarah, I noticed that Wayne also came out in our classroom" she noticed...


"Yeah, he seems upset and down"....she said while driving.

I didn't say anything. She's my friend I know but I don't want to share someones flaw or some info about them.

"Well...maybe something happened"....well...something really happened but I don't care about that anymore.

When we arrived at their coffee shop, I quickly got off her car and waved goodbye to her as I enter it.

"See you tomorrow Sarah!"...she shouted and I can only give her a smile.

After she left, I immediately put my stuff in the staff room and change my school uniform.

While fixing myself I heard someone opened the door so I bend my head to see who is it.

"Hey Sarah"....she greeted and I smiled at her. "Hi"....I greeted back

"Are you done already, there are many customers already outside"....she announced and I just nod at her signaling that I'm done.

"Okay, by the way, you're leaving?"....I asked as I noticed her picking up her things. "Yeah, they re-sched the our shift, and y shift ends at this time so bye"....she said and opened first the door as I came after her.

As I got here in the Frontdesk, I already got many orders.

That goes the same as many hours passed.

It was already 1:00 am, the shop closes at 12pm but we got overtime because we are loaded of customers today.

After fixing myself, I bid goodbye to my co-workers. "Guys I'm going home"...I said and they just nodded at me as I closed the door.

Since it was already dawn, there will be no cabs available by now so I will just walk the neighborhood till I reach my house.

This is my first time going home that late but, it's okay since I'm not afaraid of the dark except a drunkard gets me..Oohh it's giving me goosebumps just by saying it.

A few more walks and I passed a bar wich opens 24/7 abd it's freaking noisy.

I was about to walk past through it when someone called me from behind.

"Hey miss"...I heard a man's voice, and now I'm starting to get scared not to him but on what he might do to me.

To be continued.........

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