Chapter Seven


After I got abandoned by her. I get stuck in here so I called Lucas.

                 Calling Lucas.........


"Hey bro"

"What's up?"

"She's hard dude"

"I can't believe you're giving up like that"

"What are you talking about? Me? Giving up? Never"

"So how come you couldn't get her"

"I told you she's really hard to please"

"Well You've done a lot like that, why is it so hard, remeber the deadline bro"

"I know that"

"Oww...kay, good luck"


After I ended the call. I immediately find that girl.

I walked down the streets but still I couldn't find her.

Where exactly is she?

Until....I pass through a cemetery, I saw a girl there sitting on the ground and I can hear her sobs.

I came close to see who it is and I was right it's Bumper. I don't her name so I could only call her by this nickname.

As I stared at her I noticed that she's crying quietly.

She's caressing the grave infront of her, maybe her loved ones.

While I'm looking at her, she began to mumble and said. "I'm sorry mom, I'm sorry dad"

So the grave she was crying for was her parents. She lose her parents?

That's why she's like that is because she loose her parents and I know the feeling of it. When I was a child I lost my dad too, and that hurts me so much too.

So I kneeled beside her and slowly stretching hand, handing her a handkerchief.

But she didn't take it instead she lifted her head and faced me with her messy face due to her crying.

I habded her the handkerchief and slowly she took it and wipe her tears away.

I sat beside her as she began to calm down and sat also properly there.

"Why are you here?"....she asked but in a low tone.

"If you're gonna offer me again better not"...she said and her voice crack.

"Forget the offer right now, I didn't even bring that up"

She didn't say anything but stared only at the ground..

"I know the feeling of losing someone important to you, back when I was a child I lost my dad too"

She looked at me but didn't utter a word so I just jeep on talking.

"I was so sad seeing my dad's dead body that day, I was sad and even miserable, We we're too close back then, he will came to pick me up at school, and we will eat snack before heading home"

"What's the cause of your father's death?"..she asked.

"Car accident"....I said.

"Oh..."...she said.

"You looked calm down, Let's go, It's about to rain too"....I said and she did.

While we're walking, I nituced that she is not making any noise, She's quiet and only the sound of the cars can be heard.

"Are you heading home?"...I asked and she nod at me without sparing me a glance.

"So now, can you accept the offer?"......I asked and now she's looking at me.

"No"...she said, but I really need her. Tomorrow is the deadline.

We have only agreed three days, three days of making her accept the offer.

But now....She's as hard as rock..

As the bus stops, she quickly get in so am I because I didn't even brought my car with me.

She sat on a single one so I have to sit in the back of her. It's not quite I like sitting with her.

"Is it still a No?"...I asked and she only nod at me. "Don't ask fo it again or else I'll punch you, I already said no, and nothing will change my mind"

Looks like I need to give up this time. I did everything and even if I want to, I have only one day left before deadline.

I didn't say anything and leaned my back. 

After a deep thinking I felt that my phone was vibrating on my pocket so I took it and open it.

Lucas and Crane messaged me.


                 How did it go, Did she agreed? Hope she does, because you have to give your sports car to us.


           What's up! How did it go? You know what Lucas can't stop laughing of you thinking of what you said earlier, he said that you called him just to say that she's hard to plead. Well bro a dare is a dare.

Yeah it's a dare, we only play it once a week and last week I was dared to date a woman. And they picked her.

And also they've set me up for only three days of dealing with her to make her accept the offer.

He has dealt with every woman they targetted for but it is the first time that he encounter a girl that is really hard as rock.

As the bus stops. She quickly got off the bus so I got out too.

"Hey".....I called her.

"What?"....she coldly said.

"I really need your help"....I said hoping that it will make her agreed to do this.

"Find another, I'm not interested".....still a No?

"You're really not?

"Yes, I said No already"

Is this the feeling of being rejected by a woman?

I've dated many, and none of them rejected me when I asked them out especially when it's only a dare and they are the target.

She walked and I let her. I didn't follow her but instead I got home.

"Wayne, son, where have you been?" mom asked and I looked at her.

"I went nearby mom".....I said and walked upstairs.

After I locked the door in my room. I sat on the bed and think.

Should I give up?

No, definitely not, If I gave up, I will only shame myself infront of them.

I will definitely find a way to make her agreed tomorrow.

And besides I love my sports car. I can't even let someone own it.

Just wait Bumper, You will definitely say Yes to me!

To be continued...............

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