Chapter 2: Good boy

Chapter 2: 

“I'm so beautiful…” Anastasia mumbles to herself, looking at reflection in the mirror, as she puts the clip bangs to its right place. It gives her the full bangs she wanted, and it compliments her voluptuous looks.

Her green eyes stare back at her, as a chuckle escapes from her full red lips. She stands up with a good height of 5'9 after admiring her ready look and stares at her suit that fits her body, perfectly. Leaning on the sink, she kisses the mirror for a second before a smirk curve into them.

“What a gorgeous woman you've become.” She says before she turns her heels and walks out of the bathroom. The sound of her heels clicking on the floor echoes to her room, as she makes it down to the living room. 

She keeps a sigh in her chest, as the memories of her and her cheerful sister flashes in her head. It seems like it's now usual for her to listen to the silence of their two-story house. The only part of her body that shows her agony is her dainty fingers. She can't help but tap her fingers whenever her heart is running fast.

As she makes her way to her black car, she keeps her head held high with a stoic face that's enough to be unreadable. She hops in her car and wastes no time to start it. Another set of chuckles breaks from her chest, her hands focused on the wheels. “Let's see how it goes.” A devilish smile forms on her lips, as she drives her way to the UL Publishing building.


“I need to get going now, Dustin. Take care of Dylan while I'm out.” Announced Daniel, as he stood up from his seat after finishing his breakfast. “If you need anything, just call Alec. I'll be out for a day.” He shrugged his black tux, as his two sleepy brothers nodded in understanding.

He saw Dustin looking at him so he raised his brow. “What?” He asked as he cupped his face. He knew that he had shaved his beard perfectly after he took a shower.

“Your tie, Danny.” Said Dustin while pointing at his collar. Dylan who was sitting beside him giggled when his bacon slipped out of his fork, as his lips curved into an ‘oops’.

Daniel smiled, knowing his brother Dustin is a perfectionist. “I don't like wearing ties.” He then walked towards Dylan who was busy eating his bacon.

Daniel patted Dylan's head, as he ruffled his blonde hair. “Don't be naughty too much, Dylan. Your brother might get mad at you if you run too much.” Said Daniel, as Dylan nodded in agreement.

“Got it, Danny! Can I have ice cream after breakfast, though? Pleeease?” Dylan flashed his big blue eyes that immediately made his brother give in. 

“Okay, sure. Just don't eat too much. Your tummy will hurt again if you eat too much.” Said Daniel, as the kid squealed in his seat, his hands clapping and feet swaying in delight.

“I gotta go now, Dustin. Take care of Dylan.” Daniel patted his shoulder before he walked out of their fancy dining room. 

As Daniel made his way to the hallway, he saw his brother who he hated the most. He was looking at him, wearing a smirk that seemed to cause Daniel's blood to boil. He was about to go to the van when Dalton stopped him. “Hey, brother. Let me come with you.” 

Daniel's forehead creased after hearing that. “Where's your car?” He asked, irritatedly, knowing his brother has his own car.

“I lost my keys. I don't know where I put them. Just let me come with you. We don't want to be late, do we?” Explained Dalton, as a cheeky smile made its way to his face, and it didn't fail to annoy his brother.

One thing Daniel hates is the fact that he'll see his annoying and stupid brother every day at their company. “Whatever.” He shook his head in disbelief, as Dalton snickered before walking towards the van. Despite being a stupid fucker, Daniel can't deny that his brother has a brain when it comes to business.

Dalton is one of the heads of UL Publishing. He made a name in a short period of time. He was already striving when Daniel was still learning to cope up with the responsibilities that were given to him. Daniel rolled his eyes when his brother started talking to his phone just as they hopped inside the van. He knew it for sure, he was talking to a girl, again. He sighed and just decided to ignore him as much as his ears can.

“Sir Daniel, your secretary said he's already there.” Said the driver. Daniel rolled his eyes and groaned. A hundred bucks are nothing to him, but a day without Alec rambling is a big thing for him. It just happened that Alec was just competitive that he must've been sleeping in his office until the morning came.

His eyes snapped towards his brother when he heard him snickering. “What a pussy.” Said Dalton while looking at his phone.

Daniel shook his head and decided to shut his eyes. He badly wanted to get out of that van, knowing that his brother was with him. It's just his guts. He despises Dalton to the core. 

Much to Daniel's delight, the drive was quiet. They reached their 15 story-building. Hopping out of the car with his CPO, following him, Daniel cracked his neck and quickly walked to the elevator that led straight to his office. He breathed out a sigh, knowing that he was finally alone. His eyes were closed until the elevator opened. And the second he opened his eyes, his brow arched, as an unfamiliar face of a girl welcomed his sight.

“Who are you?” Asked Daniel in confusion. He was confused that a stranger could enter his office without his consent. And seeing the girl smiling creepily didn't help the situation.

“Where's the lead actress?” Dalton asks the staff who's already shivering at his deep baritone voice. He can't help but shut his eyes in annoyance, as he pinches the bridge of his nose.

“S-sir, they said the supposed lead actress backed out.” Hearing the unexpected news, Dalton feels his blood boil in anger before he shoots his glaring eyes at the girl.

The girl immediately ducks her head in fear. “Jesus! And what are we gonna do now?! Hire you as the lead actress?! The fuck is wrong with this team!” Dalton shouts furiously, as the girl jumps in fear. 

The room falls silent, and the staff, along with the photographers and the cameramen, look at the girl with sympathy. It's clearly her job, but the supposed actress' manager didn't agree with the contract and decided to turn it down. And who's Dalton to shout at her? Well, he's just the director slash producer of the team, and they clearly understand where his anger is coming from.

Dalton then caresses his knitted brows, as he heaves a sigh. “You know what? Fuck this shit. I'm out—” Suddenly, the door creaks open, cutting his words. Then a beautiful woman comes into view, as all the heads turn to look at her.

The woman walks in, her brows meeting in confusion, as she clicks her tongue. “Um, is this the room for contract signing?” Her eyes then land on Dalton's once mad eyes, but now ogling at the sudden visitor, which she knows is her.

“Hello?” She asks the unresponsive people who have their mouths agape at her unannounced entrance. Well, she didn't knock. 

Seconds of realization pouring into him, Dalton shakes his head before he clicks his tongue, but it seems like his throat has dried out. “Are you the lead actress?” He asks as the woman chuckled as if he's asking a stupid question.

“I know I'm gorgeous, but I'm not an actress. I'm one of the new writers, and I really need to find the right room right now.” Knowing that she really entered the wrong room, she turns her heels after flashing a confident smile at the ogling people.

But she stopped when Dalton shouted. “Wait!” Crossing her arms on her chest, she raises her left brow that hides under her full bangs, as she turns around. She looks at the man and notices that he's fidgeting.

“What? Are you gonna tell me? Or you're gonna walk me there? It'd be better if you will.” She asks as Dalton nods with anticipation.

“Yes—I mean, yeah, of course. Sure.” Dalton says, seemingly amused to himself. He was just bursting in anger minutes ago, and now he's ogling at a girl. 

“Okay, cool. Lead the way.” The woman says as Dalton walks hurriedly towards her. 

As Dalton leads the way, he realizes that he's not supposed to be nervous with a girl. Hell, he always brings girls straight to his bed without breaking a sweat. And so, he clicks his tongue to know the name of the girl that almost made him daydream.

“What's the name? I'm Dalton, one of the owners of this company.” Dalton says, seemingly showing off. He didn't expect the girl to laugh humorously.

“Oh? And what was an owner doing inside that crowded room?” She asks before they stop on an elevator. 

Dalton looks at the girl, a little confused if she's insulting him or what. “I'm also a director, and that was my stupid team. The room is number 46, go up to the next floor.” He explains as the signal light of the elevator glows above the entrance.

“That's cool. The elevator is here. Thank you, Mr. Dalton?...” She offers a thin smile, as the elevator opens.

“Stevenson. Dalton Stevenson.” Dalton says, as the girl who hasn't said her name steps in the elevator. “Hey, what's your name?” 

The woman smiles, as she averts her eyes to the buttons, and pressed the said floor. Then she looks at him. “The name is Anastasia.” She says, as the elevator closes, leaving the man who she knows so well.

“Good boy.” A chuckle escapes from her lips, as the elevator starts to go up. 

“Just like the plan, it went smoothly.” 

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