Chapter 3: Ogling boss

Chapter 3:

“Sir Alec told me to come here, Mr. Stevenson. I am the manager of the C team.” The lady in his age explains as Daniel nods in understanding. “The lists of the new writers are on your desk, Mr. Stevenson.”

Daniel turns to walk towards his desk, as he picks up the said lists. “Alright. You can go now.” He then sits on the swivel chair, and the lady nods before she walks out of the office.

Heaving a sigh, Daniel begins to read the lists, containing the names of the new writers that he'll be seeing later at the contract signing. He groans when he sees the number of them. Not just around 50, but 70 plus. He starts with the horror genre, which has 15 counts of Writers. Horror has been one of the centers of their company, striving beneath the mystery and erotica. 

Profiles after profiles until he reaches the erotica. Daniel is well aware that Erotica is their best seller. And it is also the reason why UL Publishing's name is strongly rising. Books under UL Publishing are everywhere, not to mention their books have been producing movies for about ten years now. 

Daniel's eyes narrow at the sight of the writers under erotica. He raises a brow when he spots a familiar surname. He decides to look at the writer's profile. And there, everything in the paper seems to be unnoticeable for his eyes, as they land on a pair of green eyes that shine under the thick lashes. 

Daniel begins to feel his collar tightening on his neck, making him clear his throat and avert his eyes to the information. Shrugging his thoughts, Daniel turns his swivel chair around, as he looks at the huge glass. He stares at the buildings for a minute before he takes a look at his Breitling colt watch to look at the time. When he sees that the contract signing time is about to start, he stands from his chair and fishes out his phone.

He immediately phones Alec. “Get here, quick.” He says, simply before he walks towards the huge glass. He closes his eyes for minutes before he hears footsteps.

Chuckles echo around the room, as Alec brushes his wrinkled chest. “Where're my hundred bucks?” Alec asks, teasingly as Daniel turns around and welcomes him with a scowl.

“Just take it later, I want to finish this meeting as soon as possible. And didn't I tell you not to bring anyone here?” Daniel scoffs, though the lady didn't do anything. 

Alec snickers and shakes his head. “I was busy, and your office is located on the last floor. Come on, we're gonna be late.” He explains as Daniel rolls his eyes. 

They make their way to the room where the contract signing is being held, which is just 2 floors under this office. Stepping on the elevator, Daniel keeps his eyes shut and braced himself, knowing that Alec will start rambling stupid things. And a sigh escapes from his mouth when the elevator opens. 

“Which room are we going to?” Daniel asks, as he keeps his hands in his pocket, their shoes clicking on the white tiled floor.

“Room 46.” Alec fastens his pace to accommodate his boss's large steps. He then puts his phone up, as he glances at the reflection of his face. “Perfect.”

“We're here, Boss.” Daniel stops and opens his eyes, as Alec knocks on the door. 

It opens up, and the lady Daniel saw in his office earlier comes into view. “Everyone's here now, Sirs.” The lady says, and Alec nods before they step inside the room. 6 rectangular tables with 76 people welcome their sight.

Daniel glances at the people sitting on their chairs. Others stare with awe in their faces, while some smile at him with admiration. He keeps his stoic face until his brows knit when he sees a girl who isn't looking at him but on a phone. All of the heads turn to look in the direction where their boss is looking at. It looks like the girl is checking her makeup, and so Daniel shakes his head.

The manager clears her throat when Daniel sits with Alec, as she speaks. “You were called to be here for an obvious reason. You're gonna sign the contract, which I know you all already read. This is Mr. Stevenson, the new CEO of UL Publishing.” She pauses and glances at Daniel before she continues. “Starting from the time you sign the paper, you're gonna work under the UL Publishing, exclusively for ten years. As everybody knows, you guys are divided into six groups, which are the genres that you've chosen. On your fronts are the contract papers. Sign in with the pens beside your right arm.”

Everybody in the room begins to sign their contract papers, as Daniel examines each of the faces. Each of them has a smile on their faces. Until he suddenly looks at the woman sitting on the erotica section. She has her eyes narrowed at the paper, as she signed the paper. It seems like the woman is aware that he's looking at her. Daniel's eyes fall on her button nose, and to her red lips. 

Daniel shifts on his seat, and his throat suddenly tightens, as he can't avert his eyes away from her lips. He manages to shake his thoughts when the woman stares up in his direction, though it's already late because she catches his eyes looking at her. Daniel's right shoe taps on the black tiled floor, as he tries to shake the picture of the woman off his head.

But just as the seconds passed, the picture of the woman began to be more vivid. Until he remembered the profile of the familiar woman he was staring at before he came into the meeting. Daniel's brows knitted in curiosity, as he narrowed his eyes towards the woman. He quickly realized it was her. It's just that her full bangs made her more attractive. Daniel won't deny it, she's really attractive.

Daniel couldn't brush the image away from his head until the meeting was finished. He found himself sitting on his swivel chair, inside his office. He kept himself drowned in the features of the woman. Her green eyes shone under the thick lashes that seemed to pull his whole attention. And her luscious red lips. Daniel found her perfect. Too perfect to the point where he was starting to think of her curvy body on top of him.

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