Mr. CEO's Mistress 2

Hey Readers!

Back to the book again :) There were some loose ends left untied when this book originally ended and Hayes and Madison's story was left untold. I was originally planning to write a new book for them but then I thought, why not add it in the same book as part 2? Down here is the synopsis for the second part.


Madison Lincoln, the ex – wife of Damien Knight Castillo comes out of her hiding spot after 3 long years. She comes bearing a news – a bad news.

The chapter which Alice Knight Castillo, Damien Knight Castillo and Hayes Christian thought they have closed in their lives successfully, is still open to their horror.

Jonas Lincoln – Alice and Madison’s psychopathic father is still alive and this time…He wants to take both his daughters away.

Chaos erupts for the second time in their lives when all of their dark secrets start coming out one – by – one and they are forced to face the past again.

Can Alice and Damien make it past this disaster and Can Madison and Hayes finally get to face their feelings after a whole lifetime of suffering?

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Melissa Wilson
Can't wait for the next update! I'm so glad I came back to revisit this book, or I wouldn't have known about the new chapters!!

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