2 - Chapter 01


Three years. One goal. I have to find out how my father - Jonas Lincoln died three years ago.

As time passes, your head gets clear of doubts and confusions and then you notice things you never tried to notice before. Many lies get exposed and many secrets come into light from the dark.

Three years ago, I, Madison Lincoln - ex wife of Damien Knight Castillo divorced him because I was broken and tired. My father had died by committing suicide as many said and my ex husband loved someone else.

I decided to disappear, leaving everything behind. Money. Power. Prestige.

For a month after leaving everything behind, I lived my life travelling the whole world and trying to overcome this empty feeling in my heart.

A month of loneliness had caused my situation to turn worse instead of helping me with reclaiming the peace of my mind and then after that month…



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