2 - Chapter 02


“ Hayes! What do you think you are doing? This kidnapping and all…Have you lost your mind? ” I hiss at him, curling my hands into fists to hide the way they are trembling after seeing him.

Three years. I spent a long time all alone and it’s hard to face him now. I hate to admit it, but I am not that strong and fierce Madison Lincoln anymore who knew how to get what she wanted. I am just a depressed, scared woman now who wants to get back at her ex-husband for snatching everything away from her.

Hayes steps forth and unbuttons his coat, causing my eyes to go wide.

“ What - What do you think you are doing? ” I stutter, taking a step back from him.

“ I am doing what you wanted me to do from the start. ” He replies calmly, but the anger shining in his eyes tells a different story.

I take a step back, my mind going numb for a moment.

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