2 - Chapter 03


He feels disgusted by me? I exhale softly and open my eyes before closing them again.

He should feel disgusted. That way he will stay away from me and he will find it in himself to move on so he can find someone really deserving of him. Someone innocent, pure and kind-hearted.

He leans closer and plants his lips on my neck. Soft at first, but then hard like he is reminding himself that he is taking revenge.

He sucks and bites all over my neck, leaving purplish marks behind. I bite my lower lip to contain the sounds of pleasure from coming out of my mouth. I am not supposed to feel good by this, I remind myself.

His hands trace both my sides, his touch light and feathery. He trails his hands up until he cups my clothed breasts and gives them a hard squeeze.

I moan at the feeling, my own hands shooting up to hold his shoulders for support.

His thumbs circle my nipples


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Jackie Raby
somewhat like the other couple in your story needs a different line

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