2 - Chapter 06


Threatening and challenging Damien Knight Castillo is one thing and really finding the way to Destroy him is entirely another thing. It’s impossible to think of something so good that he won’t be able to stop me.

As I think about all ways I can make the police reopen the case, I go to Lincoln Villa finally.

I stand outside my magnificent house, staring at it for at least an hour.

So beautiful. The place before me, my home…is so so beautiful that it’s impossible to overlook the beauty and dive right into the horrific memories attached to this place.

Shaking my head, I make my way inside. Memories whisper to me becoming horrifying voices in my head.

Max is waiting for me in the living room. He looks after the house now as a loyal servant like before. I called him earlier and asked him to meet me in the living room so I can talk to him

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