Chapter 05


I felt someone's fingers grazing the soft skin of my right ankle and a scream left my lips without my notice. The soft fingers were soon replaced by a warm and soft mouth, that made my heart almost leap out to my throat.

I knew what was going to happen.

Was I ready for it? No.

Did I want it? No.

Did I have to do it? That was a big Yes.

That was why I shut my eyes closed, when the fingers traveled a little higher to my knee and stopped, before being replaced by the soft lips. I grasped the chains hooked to the Leather handcuffs tightly in my hands until my knuckles turned white.

If I thought more about the fear that was killing me slowly, I knew I was going to start crying. The tears pricking my eyes were an evidence of an emotional outburst, that was coming right up.

For God's Sake, I did not even know who was doing this to me.

And this fact made everything
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Boging Kint
Love it ...
goodnovel comment avatar
Liking the book so far just wish there were more opportunities to get coins
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Lendia Carver
I think I would love to be able to afford to buy a book and read it. this constant having to pay just when it's intresting frustrates the heck out of me. living on an old age pension in Canada ... is hard enough but paying for a book can be hard to budget for. I am going to quit.

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