Chapter 08


Alder dropped me back to the hospital. The whole drive was silent. I did not talk to him. He did not talk to me either as we sat side by side at the backseat of a Rolls Royce.

Now as I stood in front of the hospital building staring at the big signboard that read Greenvill Hospital, I did not know what to do.

Should I go inside?

I knew Mom must be waiting for me. She must be waiting to humiliate me further.

She was not that wrong though. Maybe her way of protesting against what I did was wrong but the reason behind her outburst was not wrong at all.

Every mother is bound to get angry like this if she finds out that her daughter went around selling her body just for money.

It was Just Money for her. But for me...It was life. I needed this money to stay alive or I might really end up jumping off that cliff due to guilt that had been drowning me for years now. Not months but
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how come when you buy coins the price per chapter doubles?
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good book can get enuff of this book

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