Chapter 56


Rick was becoming my favorite prey so far.

Gullibe and easy to fool.

I was dead drunk so my mind was jiggly, but even in this state...

I knew when Rick approached me.

I knew that Hayes and Madison were talking.

I knew that Hayes was keeping an eye on me.

I knew when Rick called me ' Kitten ' and it forced all memories to resurface.

I knew when he touched my waist and I smiled at him, assuring him that I would not scream at his touch this time.

I knew when I made him think that I was into this willingly now.

And admist all of this...

I also knew what I was going to do to him.

I wondered about the thing Rick might care about, when I was coming here with Hayes.

And one thing came to my mind.

Reputation. Rich and respected - feared people like him, cared too much about their good reputation.

Whatever they did behind the curtains, they never

Do you think what Alice did to Rick is right? 😳 Damien is here to save the day though 😁 Make sure to comment. You all rarely comment now 😢 P.S. GEMS PLEAAASSSSSEEEEEEEE 😭 Another P.S. Love you all too much 😘❤

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Comments (14)
goodnovel comment avatar
Jackie Raby
Alice needs to show everyone she'll not weak and they will get what they deserve. I do wish for her and Damien to be happy together ...
goodnovel comment avatar
Tiffany Harris
Please let her deal with her so called best friend to lol
goodnovel comment avatar
Busisiwe Masimula
Damn straight ......... this was funny

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