Chapter 60


“ Did he kill Nina? The woman you loved? ” I finally said it out loud and regretted it the moment, anger flashed in Damien's steely grey orbs. He was quick to cover it up though.

“ That talk is off limits. ” Stating coldly, he went back to making the pasta.

I stood there, observing him. I wish I was able to understand him, but it was like I was trying to understand a wall. It was not possible, I mean.

“ You loved her that much that you can't stand anyone talking about her? ” My mind decided that I wanted to push him today. I finally knew how to annoy him, even if deep down some voice was screaming at me, that I asked him this only to hear how much he loved her.

This was a cruel feeling and I had started to despise feelings because of all these feelings.

Damien lifted his gaze to fix me with a blank stare. This time, my words did not affect him. I c
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