Chapter 61


“ I love you. ” I deadpanned, keeping a straight face, while my eyes observed his reaction.

He blinked blankly.

One time.

Two times.

Three times.

This made me highly uncomfortable. Okay. So I just told a man, that I loved him and he was blinking at me blankly.

Ofcourse, I said this to shock him and make him believe me and I did not really confess to him seriously, but his reaction was really-really disappointing.

“ That didn't work. ” He spoke after the long pause, making me throw my head back against the headrest.

He knew I was just trying to get his mind off the right track.

“ It didn't. ” I whispered tiredly, my eyes still drilling holes in his head.

Stupid. Stupid me. Stupid Damien. Stupid world.

I groaned and closed my eyes to not feel so embarassed anymore. Out of all the things in the world, why did I have to say this?

Probably, because you real

Hey sweeties! Do you think before finding a way to escape, Alice might lose the will to escape from Damien? 😁 Also, I might update another chapter in half and hour to make up for not updating two chapters yesterday! Stay tuned ❤😘 P.S. GEMS PLEASSSEEEEEEEE. LOVE YOU ALL 😘❤

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Sham C.
I love their conversations ...

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