Chapter 64


His body tensed up and he froze altogether while I broke out of my trance, realizing what I had done. I pulled my hand back, my eyes going wide at my own actions.

“ I will call you later Alder. ” Damien hung up on the call and sighed out, his shoulders moving up and down as he did it.

I gulped my saliva and glanced at my hand, that was still hanging in the air close enough to be able to touch him, by crossing just the distance of a finger.

I did not know what took over me, when I crossed that finger's distance and touched the scar again.

This must have hurt. Badly. More than I could ever imagine.

A lump started forming in my throat. I felt hurt not for myself, but for him. I was unable to understand this connection between me and Damien.

My fingers slowly slid down his back, tracing the long scar with my eyes taking in the sight before me.

“ Alice. ” There was a clear warning in his voice, a

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Edith Ana
love the chapter ...
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Jackie Raby
great charter. I love the book so far sometimes I'm unable to put it down
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Tiffany Harris
Finally he actually made love to her this how it should be them to and know one else very good chapter

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