Chapter 71


Just as I opened my eyes, I found Damien by my side. Once again, he was there when I was at my worst.

This made me realize I was still alive. What a stupid realization. Ofcourse, I was alive. That was why I could feel his gentle touch on my hand.

And like all the emotions decided that they wanted to turn this worse moment into the absolute worst, I started crying.

I cried and thrashed and screamed and cried some more until Damien had to hold me down.

I did not know why I was feeling so frustrated once again but I just wanted to cry so I could feel normal again.

Or perhaps, I was just so sad because I tried to die and failed to do that too.

But whatever it was, I was relieved that I could finally feel everything.

From one thing to another, my thoughts kept jumping around making me cry harder.

Dad. Mom. Ace. Damien. Jonas Lincoln.

I cried
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I want to know what was in the letter :O

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