Chapter 73


Alice left.

Two months had passed since I left her at Lincoln Villa and after that, she left the city. Her brother and Mother had left the country and I was surprised she did not leave with them, but I was relieved that she did not go. It would have been hard to know her whereabouts once she had left the country.

At first, I knew where she was. I kept an eye on her just to make sure that she was okay and once I knew she was fine, I let her go.

It was a really cruel move if I still kept an eye on her. It was not fair to her and it was not fair to me either.

She was free now. She did not owe me anything and that's why she had the right to live her life however she wanted to live.

During this time, I had spent the most of my days in the penthouse. Alone.

That's what I was doing even now. I was standing by the glass wall in her room to stare down at the city while ran poured
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So He KNOWS!!!

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