Chapter 74


I groaned out when the phone did not stop ringing even after an hour. I had began to get angry now. Who the hell would call me so early in the morning?! I had just managed to fall asleep and now these calls.

Finally deciding to curse the one who was calling me, I tapped the side table with my hand to find the phone in the dark while my eyes refused to open.

My hand found the phone and I picked up the call. My mind was drifting back to sleep as the ringing had stopped.

“ Are you still sleeping Alice?! ” It was Mom's voice shouting at me.

My eyes flew open just like my body shot up. My hair were poking out in all directions and my eyes were red from lack of sleep.

A smile still managed to break out on my lips when I saw that it was not a voice call but a video call.

Her healthy face came into my view and my smile widened some more. Mom looked fine and happy.
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Mercedes Mendoza
... it! keep going.i see where the ending is leading to. I think......

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