Chapter 76


The usual morning after crying the whole night was never easy. My eyes were so puffy that it was hard to even see. My head was hurting like some horse had trampled all over it.

It was painful before and it was unbearable now.

I wonder if Damien even came. What if it was just my imagination? I was finally going mad. I needed to see a psychiatrist soon. All of this was not good for my health.

Raising myself from the bed tiredly, I made my way to the washroom to take a shower and then I wore a pink sweater with blue jeans to go with the day.

Today, I stood and stared at my reflection for a long time. I felt dead.

Sighing to myself, I took my bag and made my way down the stairs.

“ Good Morning Alice. ” Mrs Smith greeted me with the usual smile that I was unable to return today. I was not in the mood to even talk to anyone.

“ Good Morning Mrs. Smi
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Oh, noooo🥺!! No Baby??😔

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