Chapter 77


“ She aborted the baby. ” Mrs Brown revealed to him and my shoulders slumped down.

Fear made my heart tremble as Damien's eyes turned colder. He slowly detached his eyes from mine and turned to look at Mrs. Brown.

“ Take your daughter and get out of here at once. ” He ordered Mrs Brown who was dumbfounded at the change in his tone.

It was like everyone could now sense how grave the situation was. Damien looked ready to destroy everything and his anger was directed at me.

My body was trembling. Shock was slowly seeping in my bones and fear in my heart. My mind was telling me to just run away from here.

“ What are you saying Mr. Castillo? ” Mrs Brown smiled awkwardly not understanding what suddenly happened.

“ Get. Out. Of. Here. ” He gritted his teeth and hissed at Mrs Brown whose body jolted up

Surprisingly, Mrs. Bro
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