Chapter 79


“ Damien. ” I whispered, all tears drying up in my eyes instantly while his steely grey orbs bore into my eyes.

I would never get used to this intense feeling his stares made me feel.

“ Alice. ” He whispered back causing my lips to curve up to form a smile.

“ What are you doing here? ” He asked raising his eyebrows and I chuckled out.

He knew what I was doing here. He just wanted me to say it but I was still the same stubborn type.

“ I am enjoying the rain. ” I mocked, pointing behind him as I noticed him holding an umbrella over his head.

“ Outside the airpot? ” A smirk came to rest on his lips and I almost threw something at him to wipe that smirk off his lips.

“ Outside the airpot. ” I nodded defiantly, not ready to admit what I really came here to do.

“ That's exactly what your little friend told me. She said Alice is going to enjoy rain outside the airpot. ” He teased and crouch
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