During the whole photoshoot after the wedding ceremony, Damien was giving me those intense stares that had been wanting to sneak a little away from him.

The photographer was too scared of him to ask him to look ahead and not at me.

This was cute too.

And then at the reception party, Mom handed Dawn over to Damien whose eyes started shining by seeing her.

He loved her. He loved her more than life.

And my heart swelled up with love and pride whenever I looked at this father and daughter duo.

And Dawn...

No one should even get me started. When she was born, she started clinging to Damien instantly. She was attached to Damien more than me and I had never seen anything more adorable than this.

Damien who never cared about anyone or anything in this world finally cared about me and our daughter Dawn.

And me...

I always ran then ca
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