Author: Jessie summers

01- Lust and Loss

An innocent night gone wrong would be the most fitting description for last nights happenings.

Somewhere in the back of my head I remember walking into the club with my girlfriends and laughing over mini cocktails and champagne because why not? It was my birthday after all and they'd convinced me to let loose for once in a long time and I wanted to.

But what I am still trying to comprehend is how I had managed to land my self in the back seat of a young mans car playing a little game of who can ride it higher.

I remember exactly how the tick hardness of his masculinity drove hard into me from behind, how he'd gripped my hair in one hand and massaged my breast with the other shoving himself deeper and deeper into my feminine walls.

The heat sprung around the atmosphere reflecting down in beads of sweat that leaked down our bodies but it only made the moment more sensational. The sound of our moans muffled in the small space of the car, the rough groans that left his lips when I took advantage of his rising climax switching positions and playing with his swollen sperm maker till he was literally squinting beneath me and then I stopped, just when he was about to release again.

I remember the triumphant smirk that spread across my lips when he seemed like he'd had it with my teasing, but then my tongue was all over him. Licking, sucking, massaging every curve on his muscled flesh. Riding him south in a perfect musical rhythm with a steady pace, going from slomo to maze runners and back Mr tortoise then ridding Humpty Dumpty in a rotational motion.

The best part? That would be the climax. I found my self crashing waves of pleasure that had become so foreign to me over the years. It was sensational, remarkable and simply the kind of sex you call amazing.

But it is also the reason I'm walking into my own self organized conference meeting exactly forty five minutes late. A series of jumbled up curses run through my mind at my current situation but dare not fall out off my lips.

I own the damn place, I can as well own up to it.

With my chin held up high and my dress moving flawlessly in accordance to my every step, my heals clicking majestically on the perfectly tiled and polished floor, I'm able to draw the attention of all ten board directors sited in front of me.

Observantly, I trail my eyes from the first middle aged man with withering blonde hair sited directly beside me, drag my gaze down to the rest of them and then finally land on the youngest man sitting opposite me. I notice the hard looks on their faces that transparently tell me just how annoyed they are for having to arrive a couple minutes earlier than the scheduled time to catch up only for them to end up waiting another forty five.

But they don't dare say a word and I swerve in that authority as I finally take my seat at the head of the table.

"My most sincere apologies for my tardiness." They don't need an explanation and I am one hundred percent sure neither of them are interested in getting one.

In an exemption of Tyler that is.... The young man shooting me nosey glances with a bemused smile on his face that he tries to hide from the rest of the board members.

"So," I begin, adjusting my self properly on my seat with my legs crossed, chin held up high and a pen fixed into my makeshift hair bun "What do we have on desk?"

And with that mere statement, the silence that stretches the atmosphere is one that forces my already poised and business-like look into a deep frown as I watch my colleague, the middle aged man in a grey suit, withering blonde hair and aging wrinkles around his eyes pick up a file that sits in front of him while clearing his throat.

I should have expected it, I should have seen it coming because while I have been making preparations for the betterment of the company, it's been quite transparent that he wasn't an easy target after all, not quite kin on the whole idea of partnership. But I had held on to the hopes of my never failing charm and the expertise of my staff that it was going to work out.

But sitting here right now and listening to Mr Thompson speak to the board, I feel my heart drop, just a little bit but the stoic expression doesn't falter from my face as I run multiple calculations through my head. Thinking of all the woes and cons or possible outcomes that I could rip from the decision I am about to make.

Jeremy Thompson's words were clear as day "we lost the deal" and "the company is going bankrupt". So as much as it took a ton of saliva to swallow down for me to finally open my mouth and call the shots. I know that this would be a beneficiary decision.

If it goes well that is....

Telling myself it is indeed worth the shot, I stamp my pen on the glass table a few times till I have gained the attention of everyone sited on it.

Their eyes searching, seeking and pressing my intrusion from their battle of opinions on the next root to take, awaiting my next words like a golden trope.

I watch their faces, carefully studying their expressions in order to give out the information in the best delegable way.

"Someone ring me a phone to Mr Raymond's office right now. I think it's about time we have a chat." Protection Status