He scanned Phoebe’s pale face. Seeing the rage in his eyes froze the blood in her veins. She tried to talk, to say something, anything, but no word would come out.

“You told me that I could trust you,” Lorenzo said slowly, but angrily. “Well… I’m glad I didn’t. The instant I allowed you out of my sight, you rushed to the phone to pass on the information you overheard. You betrayed me!”

          Lorenzo was enraged, she could feel that, but he condemned her using a tone she never heard from him since this whole thing started. He was genuinely disappointed in her behavior. She was trembling with apprehension, but, strangely enough, Phoebe felt also saddened by his unexpected reaction.

“Mr. De Angelis…” she began, ready to show him that she wasn’t a bad person or a traitor.

“I tried to give you a chance, I really did, but you have made your choice. ‘Così sia.

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