Chapter 45

THE GOVERNMENT entrusted the case of the most wanted criminal to the agency owned by Enrique. Because of its credentials, experience, and expertise in handling tough cases such as Victor Pangilinan’s. Knowing that the bastard was behind the abduction of Vanessa and that Kristina Montalban was part of it, Michael was outraged beyond belief. He would make sure to put the asshole in the right place. Son of a bitch!

Michael didn't seem to be able to wait any longer. He was so enraged as his face turned into crimson red, he couldn't keep his composure any longer. Not anymore, and certainly not for another fucking minute! He tightened his teeth and clenched his fists in rage. With the wrath storming inside his chest, Michael could probably be capable of killing them all with his bare hands.

When they get back from visiting Samantha from the hospital. He lied to Thalia that he had an important thing to sort out in the office. But the truth was he had a mee

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