Tequila Hours
Tequila Hours
Author: Ariadne Ellie


"Mom. I wish dad is here with us." My daughter whispered to me before dozing to sleep.

It has been 6 years since we left Aquille in the Philippines but he never left my mind ever since. I always wonder if I made the right choice of leaving him and doing everything alone. If it wasn't for her mom, we could've been a happy family. 

I went downstairs and made myself coffee. I sat down beside Samantha, my bestfriend. She smiled at me.

"Are you okay? You seem a little anxious.". She said and sip on her own tea.

"Aillie just told me that she wish her father is here." I told Sam everything that happens. Eversince we fly away to escape all my problems, she never leave my side. She helped me raise my children.

"You know you can't take that away from them. But it doesn't mean that you're not doing your job as their mother. Maybe they are longing for a father's love specially now that they know who yheir father is." She said and shrugged.

"Sam, do you think I made the right choice of leaving?" She looked shocked by my question.

" You did what you think is best. If you didn't left, you won't be a mother now.  You know how determined that witch is to get rid of you specially after she knew about your case." She said and pat me in the back.

"I really hope this isn't a mistake." I told her and we both finish our drinks.

She went to her room and i did as well.

I looked at my phone and talked to the picture in it.

"It's been years of longing and missing you. Should i let you go? Should I move forward and leave you behind? Aren't you looking for us?" I stopped talking when a notification appeared. 

It says:

'Your account received $150,000 this month. Your account has total balance of $10,800,000. If you think this is a mistake, contact us or visit our office. Thank you. '

Oh well he's still alive and earning. I wiped my tears and let myself fall asleep. Tomorrow will be a nicer day for us. Maybe meeting him was the mistake and leaving him fixed that.

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