Chapter 2

A handsome man with a tall build, broad chest, heavy arms and a stomach like torn bread.  Grow fine hairs around the face.  The facial line is firm and has a creepy aura.  The black eyes were sharp, as sharp as an eagle.  Black hair and cropped.  If stared closely, it's almost perfect, it's just that the boy looks creepy.  The man was named Adam Wilson, but all his workers often called him Lord.

 Adam sat opposite a man who was no less handsome than him.  Call it yourself David, Adam's personal assistant.

 Even though it was nearing dawn, the two men did not fall asleep.  Even though Adam hasn't slept in two days, but his two black beads are still perfectly open.  Even still able to give everyone a glare.

 Adam and David were busy in front of a computer screen, they were working hard on a mission.  David is a reliable hacker who can undoubtedly have his abilities, it only took hundreds of hours to complete the CCTV.

 "Perfect," Adam complimented David's prowess with smirking lips.  Sharp eyes were thrown at the several bodyguards on guard.  Don't ask again, some of the bodyguards did not dare to meet Adam's gaze.  They looked down, goosebumps too.  Adam looks so creepy.

 David can now breathe freely, a body that is already sore repeatedly and wants to lay down for a moment.  The strong and sturdy created body of God also needs rest.  Now is the time for David to cheer with joy as soon to be back in the most comfortable bed.

 "Lord, are we ..." David had not had time to continue his words, Adam immediately cut in by staring at David with a sharp gaze.

 “Do your job right away!  Because I want us to get to the place before they arrive. "  Orders from Adam.

 David's sigh turned harsh, discouraging a cheerful cheer.  David and the bodyguards also had to endure some drowsiness until tomorrow.  This is a really tough job for them.  It is even heavier than when carrying out illegal arms buying and selling transactions.

 David immediately instructed several bodyguards to prepare several cars.  Even though it was only 3 in the morning, they had to move fast.  Given the distance Adam's mansion is very far from the capital.  It even takes several hours to drive by car.

 After everything was ready, they immediately left the mansion.  Adam was in a car with one bodyguard and David.  Followed by four cars containing 35 bodyguards.  Two cars were running in front of Adam and the rest were driving behind Adam.  Their master had to be absolutely safe.

 After several hours of traveling they arrived at a famous five-star hotel in the capital of N State. The entire hotel was already booked by the Bakers for their daughter's wedding.

 They all immediately got out of the car.  The guards took their positions.  They pretend to be guests.  Approaching security posts and incapacitating the security guards there.  They gave  a spray filled with anesthetic, then tied up and took the security officers to the warehouse and locked them up.

 The guards changed their clothes to the clothes of the security guards.  Afterwards they paralyzed several employees at the receptionist and took them to a place of detention for the security guards.  Now it is the turn of the female bodyguards to change their clothes to the receptionist's clothes.  The rest disguised themselves as cleaners and waiters.

 The Bakers have arrived, they rush to the hotel room because they have to make up.  There was not a shred of suspicion in the Bakers because all of Adam's men were doing well.

 All are on guard in their respective places, while monitoring the situation and conditions around.  After all felt safe, everyone moved fast.

 When Jes is in the room alone, that's the right time to kidnap Jes.  Adam didn't want to hurt Jes's family because all he needed was Jes.  So they waited for a safe time so that Adam wouldn't have to hurt Jes's family.

 A female bodyguard disguised as a waiters brings a glass filled with water.  The water has been mixed with an anesthetic that is odorless, tasteless and colored.  Take to Jes's room.

 "Excuse me, Miss?"  Greet the guard, bringing a tray and a glass of water.  Smiling sweetly, didn't put the slightest suspicion on Jes.

 "Drink, miss.  I think drinking will get rid of all your nervousness. "  Handing the glass for Jes.  Without hesitation, Jes took it.

 Jes drank it, the bodyguard hid.  Jes did not know that the fake waiters had left because Jes had enjoyed a glass of drink too much.

 A glass of plain water was drunk by Jes, Jes smiled because it was true what the guard had said.  A glass of water is quite calm.

 Jes turned to return the glass and thanked her.  But did not find someone who gave a glass of water earlier.  Repeatedly circulating views but still the same, never met.

 The anesthesia was very good, Jes's eyes were now confused.  It was faintly dim and getting darker from time to time.  Until Jes fell on the floor, followed by the sound of broken glass.

 The sound of the broken glass was a code for the female bodyguard who was hiding earlier.  Hiding so that Jes doesn't memorize his face.

 The female bodyguard immediately came out and coded the bodyguards who had just arrived by helicopter.  They dress all in black and wear face covers.  They entered Jes's room and immediately lifted Jes out of the room.

 The atmosphere is very safe because Jes's family is far from the room.  Meanwhile, the makeup artist has been handled before.  The work of Adam's men really deserves thumbs up, neat and in accordance with the flow.

 Adam and David were waiting for Jes on the helicopter that was on stand by on the hotel rooftop.  The people who kidnapped Jes took Jes to the rooftop, they brought Jes into the helicopter.

 A grin rose on Adam's lips.  The plan worked and went well.  No one is suspicious of their job.  It seems that tonight Adam's men can sleep well and celebrate the success of today's good work.  It really deserves thumbs up and applause.

 Now that it was the turn of the undercover guards to finish their assignment, they immediately left behind the chaos that had occurred in the hotel.  Nobody knows or pursues them because no one is suspicious of their crimes.  In addition, all the hotel employees have been taken hostage, how could they come out and chase Adam's bodyguards.



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