Chapter 4

Jeslyn was taken to a very large and magnificent mansion.  But the place is very remote, more precisely in the middle of the forest.  No one knows the whereabouts of the mansion except Adam's men.  In addition, the forest is Adam's private forest.  It is in town A, very far from the capital city of Country N. Where Jes previously lived.

 Jeslyn is still unconscious because she is still affected by the anesthetic.  Taken to a very large and magnificent bedroom.  Still wearing his wedding dress, Adam and several bodyguards and David waited for Jes to regain consciousness.

 Adam couldn't wait to see Jes' reaction.  Those eyes didn't stop staring at Jes's face, a gaze that was difficult to interpret.  Meanwhile David is still trying his best to fight drowsiness.  Once in a while he yawned and David's eyes were already red.

 Jes blinked, looking around the room.  What a surprise, Jes found some men who had

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