Chapter 9

It was already early in the morning, it didn't feel like the clock had shown half past six in the morning.  Again David had not gone to bed yet, he still had to take care of and serve some of his master's needs.

 While Adam hasn't slept in three days, his eyes are already gloomy.  But he continued to insist on guard, who knows what was on his mind.

 Jes managed to haunt his mind, Adam had been lying on the sofa for almost an hour but could not fall asleep.  All he had in mind was Jes, he was eager to see how Jes was doing.  But his body always refused to go to Jes.

 After thinking for a while, finally Adam decided to leave the study.  He was about to enter the main room, saw Jes.

 Jes had awakened from a sleep that wasn't sound at all, it could even be said that she couldn't sleep all night.  Jes descended the stairs, intending to go down to the ground floor.  When she reached the second floor, she accide

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