Chapter 10

Jes went down to the ground floor actually about to get drinking water.  Her throat was dry,  drinking supply in the bed room was running out.

 Jes's face was still pale and nervous from meeting Adam earlier.  She looked around to find the kitchen.  Jes is still unfamiliar with the mansion with three floors.

 Someone tapped Jes on the shoulder from behind.  Jes jumped in shock, her face even paler.  Jes didn't dare look back yet.  The heart was pounding.  She was afraid that it would be Adam who tapped her on the shoulder.

 "Miss," said Anne.

 Jes stared back at her, rubbing the chest.  He looked relieved, it was not Adam but Anne.  "You startled me, Anne."  Jes said irritably, but deep down Jes felt happy.

 Anne grimaced, looking guilty.  "I'm sorry, miss.  I have absolutely no intention of surprising you. "  She said.  "Why did you wake up so early? &nb

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