Chapter 11

Adam looked very panicked, he ran to quickly find out how Jes was in the bedroom.

 "What happened?"  Adam exclaimed.

 “Lord!  Lord! "  Replied Anne stuttered.  She couldn't continue because she was sobbing, her hand pointing towards the bathroom.

 Everyone was shocked to see Jes unconscious in the bath up.  Adam ran to lift Jes's body, not forgetting to cover Jes's innocent body with a towel.  He laid Jes on the bed.

 A towel can only cover from under the collarbone to knee-deep.  Jes's body was clearly visible to the eyes of the bodyguards in the room.

 Adam hurriedly pulled the blanket over, covering Jes's body, who was able to change his appetite.  "Hey!!  Are your eyes blind!  Now hurry and call the doctor and not a single man may come into this bedroom. "  Adam looked all the eyes of his bodyguards and ended at David.  "Including you!"  Point Adam to David.

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