Chapter 45

Without thinking Jes immediately got up from her seat, approached the beautiful flower that was already blooming.  She was very unwilling if she missed the beautiful flower not to be picked.

 It turned out that not only the flowers were red, the more Jes stepped forward the more types of flowers with other color variants.  Jes's eyes lit up, as if he was hypnotized.

 She stepped closer to the flowers, plucked them one by one and arranged them into a beautiful flower arrangement.  Jes didn't want to miss that beautiful flower.

 Jes forgot her original plan, just picked flowers and returned to Adam.  She did not realize if her footsteps were too far, until she saw Adam's presence again.

 Jes glanced around again and again, but still.  Adam was not in her eye.  Besides that Jes also forgot to walk to where she was originally sitting, because all the roads and trees are almost the same.  If someone was as unf

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