Chapter 46

“Argh, help me!”  A woman's moaning voice.

 "Did you hear anything?"  asked one of the men.

 The moaning sound was followed by the sound of something falling, clearly visible in the man's ears.

 The man's friend nodded.  "But I don't know where the voice came from."  Then he patted his friend's shoulder.  "Never mind, don't think too much.  Don't you forget we're in the woods, it's only natural to hear something strange.  It didn't happen once or twice."

 But the man was not relieved by his friend's explanation because something was up.  The man grabbed his friend's hand.  "But there's no way in the forest there's a female voice."

 His friend chuckled.  "A female voice?  Being single for too long makes you a nuisance.  Even the strange sound I heard wasn't a woman's voice, but a bird's.”  He resumed his footsteps.

 But the man did not remain silent, beca

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