Chapter 47

Adam was focused on his activities.  He was fully concentrated with the air rifle in hand, his aim was to aim at the deer.  If he managed to catch the deer, Adam would definitely feel like the greatest person today.  Moreover, being able to show Jes who was watching his hunting action.

 One shot because the deer was running around, looking for new food and maybe he already knew he was being targeted by humans.

 "Let's move out of this place," Adam said to Jes without even looking at Jes.  He didn't know if Jes had left her seat long ago and he thought Jes had followed him around.

 Adam returned to hiding behind the tree, concentrating fully on aiming at the deer.  Only this time he took aim and shot and it was all in front of Jeslyn.  It would be a shame for him if one more shot failed to knock out the deer.  His pride was too high and would not be dropped in front of his wife.

 1, 2, 3 and start aiming.

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