Chapter 48

They seemed to be in a hurry to run in the direction indicated by a guard, towards the river.

 Adam was very worried, didn't want anything to happen to Jes.  He had also summoned the medics, Albert's entourage and several cars to deal with Jes immediately.

 His footsteps were so wide and fast, the guards had a hard time following Adam.  He didn't care at all that his feet had been tripped by a fallen tree several times, fortunately the shoes that Adam was wearing were thick and strong.  So that his legs are not injured, maybe afterwards they will feel like bruises from being hit repeatedly.  But how could Adam ignore it, his main thought now was only Jes.

 "Hey, you want to kill my wife?"  Adam cursed anyone who was near his wife.  Because Albert's entourage and the car had arrived and they just stared at Jes silently.  Meanwhile, the bonfire near Jes was getting bigger because the dry leaves were burning too.

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