Chapter 52

Adam had finished his spice porridge.  Served in a white bowl garnished with parsley leaves and almonds.  Carrying with a look, his face looks enthusiastic.  He felt that his porridge was almost perfect, because this was the second time he had made it.

 His footsteps were wide and fast, making everyone in view almost shriek.  The bowl above seemed to wobble, as if it was about to fall.  But who would dare to rebuke him?  There couldn't be any, except for David.  It would also be a long debate if David did not relent.

 Anne walked behind Adam, following in his footsteps.  Hastily following Adam's footsteps, wanting to catch up with Adam and take over the tray that Adam was carrying.  Anne was too afraid if the porridge that Adam brought fell, because she also had time to taste the porridge, it tasted almost perfect.  Even better than homemade.  Adam is indeed smart, his classmate who has only learned to co

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