Be My Wife

Adam covered his face which was really in pain, he ran to the bathroom and washed his face with running water.

Jenna frantically began looking for ways to deal with people who had pepper spray on the g****e search engine.


The inflammatory effect causes closed eyes, temporary loss of vision, a burning feeling in the lungs, and shortness of breath.

First aid: Wash with water, saltwater or compress with milk.

Jenna hurriedly ran to get three boxes of milk in her suitcase, then poured them into a container in the bathroom. At that time Adam was grimacing in pain without being able to open his eyes.

"Let me put this on your face! According to G****e, this can help to reduce the effects of inflammation," Jenna said frantically.

Adam who wanted to be angry chose to save his anger for later. And let Jenna wipes her face and neck with a towel soaked in milk.

"Sorry, I completely forgot that you were in this room. So I was reflexively spraying pepper spray to your face when you woke me up," Jenna felt guilty seeing Adam in such pain.

After Jenna finished wiping Adam's face with milk, Adam still couldn't open his eyes.

"You should just lie down on the bed. Wait, wait but your clothes are wet!" Jenna said, staring at Adam's soaked T-shirt because he had hurriedly washed his face.

Feeling very annoyed, Adam took off his wet T-shirt and threw it on the bathroom floor carelessly. Then he walked groping the wall toward the bed.

Jenna was embarrassed to see Adam shirtless, but seeing Adam who was having trouble walking, she couldn't help but hurried over to Adam and led him into bed.

"You! Fan my face!" Adam snapped, while he was fanning his face with hands.

Jenna sneered, but still, she dragged her feet down to get the portable fan in her trunk and sat down next to Adam.

While pointed a portable fan to Adam's face, Jenna studied Adam's upper body, which looked like the models of men's fashion magazines. His six-pack abs with a broad chest, made Jenna think of something that immediately made her feel ashamed of herself.

She immediately cleared her throat to divert her mind,

"Ummmm  I'll make a breakfast for you, as an apology!" Jenna said cheerfully.

Adam didn't give any answer, he just remained silent, enjoying the burning sensation in his eyes. Not getting an answer, Jenna assumed silence meant agreeing. She put down the portable fan and was about to head downstairs when Adam took her hand away.

Jenna's heart was pounding because it had been a long time ago since the last time she was touched by a man.

"Where are you going?! My face still hurts!" Adam scolded without opening his eyes.

Jenna held the portable fan in Adam's face for nearly 40 minutes, "My hands are tight!" Jenna complained, stretching her arms up.

But Adam did not answer,

"Adam! Adam!" Jenna was afraid that Adam would be hit by the effects of heavier pepper spray and become unconscious. But the soft snoring sounded from Adam's mouth made Jenna let out a sigh of relief.

Jenna opened her cell phone and found it was almost noon. She should have taken a trip today to visit the Damrak Amsterdam Centrale, De Wallen, and the Rijksmuseum. But because of the 'pepper spray' incident, she had to postpone her agenda.

Jenna went down to the kitchen still in the shirt she wore to sleep last night, then cooked some Spaghetti Aglio-olio and omelet from the ingredients she found in the refrigerator. Hope Elise doesn't mind.

After the spaghetti was cooked, Jenna ate it up, she felt like she would die if she missed her lunch.

Jenna arranged the food on the wide plate she found in the kitchen. Then take it upstairs. Brunch for the patient today.

'Unlucky day!' Jenna mumbled to herself.

When Jenna walked into the room, Adam still closed his eyes. Jenna placed the dinner plate on the table by the window. Then she took a towel, getting ready to take a shower.

Jenna was in the bathroom for fifteen minutes, when she came out of the bathroom, she found the dinner plate she had brought was empty. In a chair near the window, Adam was seen sitting smoking with the window wide open.

Jenna approached Adam timidly, still wearing the towel over her head.

"How were your eyes?" Jenna asked carefully as she stood not far from Adam, who was still staring at the window.

Adam turned his head, then looked at Jenna with his puffy, reddish eyes. Jenna bit her lip, feeling guilty. Adam glanced back at the window, completely ignoring her.

Jenna slowly walked over and sat in the chair next to Adam. She played the comb She was holding while secretly glancing at Adam, who looked still annoyed.

"Adam, I'm sorry. I never had the intention of harming anyone in my life. I feel guilty seeing your eyes like that. I'm so sorry," Jenna said earnestly.

Jenna thought at first that Adam wouldn't respond, but Adam turned his gaze to Jenna and said,

"Apology accepted but on one condition!"

Jenna straightened up, silently cursing her bad luck. Why did she have to share a room with this arrogant person!

Adam took a deep smoke, then turned to look at Jenna, who was waiting for him to finish his sentence. "You have to find me a wife!"

What?! Jenna's eyes widened in surprise, she almost laughed and thought Adam was kidding, but then she remembered Adam's conversation with her mother on the phone call last night. Jeez!

"Are you serious? I mean you're not joking, are you?" Jenna asked incredulously. Was this man so desperate that he asked a stranger to find him a wife?

Adam looked at Jenna flatly, "I'm serious, I'm going to marry the woman legally, but with a prenuptial agreement."

Jenna nodded her head, "Okay, tell me the contents of the agreement you will make," Jenna said curiously.

"The important thing is that you find the candidate for me! Why're you so curious about the agreement?" Adam scolded harshly, making Jenna sneer.

"How do I promote you to those women? I have to understand your intention to find you the right woman! Huh!" Jenna grumbled, getting up from the chair she was sitting on.

"No need for effort to promote me, you understand what I mean, right?" Adam said confidently, making Jenna snorted. Although what Adam said was true.

Jenna dressed in a round mirror with a sun frame that hung on the wall. She has changed her clothes with light blue culottes and a white crop top.

"Because you look fine, so I can go out!" Jenna said to Adam, who had just finished taking a shower.

Adam glanced at Jenna, assessing the woman from head to toe. Brunette brown hair, dark brown eyes, sharp nose, sensual lips, neat white teeth, 170 cm tall, approx 49 or 50 kg, glowing skin. "Not bad," thought Adam.

"Do you want to be my wife?" asked Adam suddenly, making Jenna almost apply her lip cream to part of her face. She cursed a little then wiped her right cheek which was smeared with lip cream, while wiping it she turned her head to look at Adam with a frown.

"Are you mentally ill?" Jenna said half in horror. Adam was silent, he was even busy picking up a change of clothes in the wardrobe and casually changed his clothes in front of Jenna, who deliberately focused on staring at the mirror.

"Jeez! What happened to people today! You are just the same as my father, asking me to marry an old man who has a lot of warts on his face, just to pay off one billion debt! And now suddenly you ask me to be your wife? Has love disappeared from the earth!” Jenna scolded her hand's busy styling her hair in front of the mirror.

What Jenna didn't realize was that Adam had been paying serious attention to all her nagging. He stood looking at Jenna with his lips forming a slight smile. One idea popped into his head.

"I paid off your father's debt. But you have to marry me. We signed a two-year contract, after that you are free," said Adam as if he was bidding for a car in the showroom, lightly.

Jenna immediately turned her head, gave Adam a deep gaze. Then she looked back at the mirror.

"Give me a reason why I should say yes?" Jenna said, still staring at the mirror that reflected her beautiful face. 

Adam snorted,

"Do you still need a reason? You chose to marry a fart who has a lot of warts and your father's debt is paid off or you chose to marry a handsome, rich man like me, and your father's debt is paid off too? Even the baby knows the answer!" Adam's voice sounded very annoying.

Jenna, who didn't like being cornered, chose to pretend she wasn't interested,

"I'll think about it!" Jenna said, grabbing her handbag and stepping out of the room leaving Adam there alone, staring at Jenna with his arrogant expression.


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