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The snow started falling hard when Jenna and Adam finished their tour of the Rijksmuseum. They stood in front of the Neo-Renaissance style Rijksmuseum building, waiting for the Uber Car to come to pick them up.

"Where are you planning to go when you're done with Amsterdam?"

Adam asked, breaking the silence between them.

"Umm, I'm planning to visit Brussels! You?"

Jenna asked back.

Adam turned his gaze towards a little girl who was dancing under the falling snow gracefully.

"No plan,"

Adam replied briefly.

When he decided to travel to Europe, he didn't have a special itinerary. Adam left, fed up with the incessant matchmaking of his mother, who is too afraid that the CEO position will be handed over to Matthew, the son of his father's mistress.

So Adam, who already had a Schengen Visa, decided to temporarily escape to Europe. To calm his mind.

"Oh, do you want to join my itinerary?" Jenna offered with a sweet smile, which was sure to have some ulterior motive.

Adam raised an eyebrow suspiciously,

"Okay? There must be a condition, right?!"

Adam seemed to read Jenna's mind.

Jenna smiled broadly,

"There really aren't any special conditions. Only you have to pay for all my accommodation and transportation costs. That's all!"

Jenna replied calmly, pretending she didn't really expect Adam to come with her.

Adam snorted,

"It's always about money! Well, then I'll come! You are my future wife, I should have paid you anyway,"

Adam said in his usual arrogant tone.

Jenna felt like dancing and singing! Yeah! She can keep all her savings and travel for free! Perfect!

"But there are conditions that you must fulfill!

Umm, you must be willing to serve all my needs, "

added Adam dryly. Jenna snorted, then glanced at Adam in disgust.

The Uber Car has finally come, Jenna and Adam hurried inside. Jenna immediately felt comfortable that there was a heater in the car. She rubbed her ears and nose which already felt very numb.

Her eyes began to feel heavy, in an instant she fell on Adam's shoulder who was sitting next to her. Adam snorted in disgust, but he let Jenna slept on his shoulder.

He glanced at Jenna's face, who was fast asleep. He hoped that his mother would accept Jenna with open arms. Adam is fed up because his mother arranged for him to be with several billionaire daughters. Which means that Adam must marry one of them. Bound.

Meanwhile, with Jenna, Adam could easily make a contract. They would marry properly and divorce properly in the future. Nobody would get hurt. Win-Win Solutions!

But the thing was, Jenna was an ordinary girl. Not just an ordinary girl, Jenna was also the girl whose father owes her a billion dollars in debt. Adam must find a way to make his mother like Jenna. Which meant that he had to turn Jenna into someone else.

"You mean pretending to be successful and rich in front of your family?!"

Jenna asked after Adam told her what was on his mind. At that time they were sitting in the kitchen of the inn, enjoying french fries and grilled chicken they had bought earlier on Damrak street. 

Adam nodded,

"Yes. You can pretend to be a famous designer in Europe or whatever as long as you master your field, so if my mom asks you about it you won't get confused,"

Jenna seemed lost in thought,

"What do you think I fit into?"

Jenna asked, leaning her face toward Adam, her hands pressed to her cheeks.

Adam assessed Jenna's face,

"Before I answer, I have a question for you. What is your actual profession?"

Jenna cleared her throat,

"I'm an author, well quite famous among limited circles,"

Jenna replied gracefully as if she was really famous.

Adam frowned,

"What kind of author? Limited circle? Do you write books on political economy or something?"

Jenna chuckled,

"I'm an online platform novelist! Huh, I'm quite famous!"

Adam suddenly seemed to have an idea.

"So you can pretend to be a famous Ghostwriter in America or England or whatever! So my mother won't be able to find your name. Ghostwriter won't leave any traces,"

Jenna smiled, she liked the idea. Wow, her life will be full of challenges and mysteries. Jenna Johnson, the most wanted ghostwriter in America! Great! Jenna likes it!

After eating Jenna and Adam returned to the room. Adam enjoyed watching Netflix on his laptop, while Jenna was busy making a list of the contract marriage requirements that she will submit to Adam.

"Suddenly I feel like drinking coffee,"

said Adam without turning from his laptop.

"Just make it yourself!"

Jenna said lazily.

"Oh well then, you don't want me to pay for your trip?"

joked Adam, he kept his eyes staring at the laptop.

Jenna put down the pen she was holding on the table roughly,

"Okay okay! I'll make the coffee!"

Annoyed, Jenna opened the bedroom door and went down to the kitchen, left Adam with a triumphant smile.

Jenna handed the hot coffee she had just made to Adam, who was sitting on a chair while still watching a movie on Netflix.

"You have to be mentally prepared to read the requirements I made," Jenna said as she returned to writing on the half-written paper.

Requirements for Marriage to Jenna Johnson,

1. Pay off my father's debt

2. Not allowed to do physical touch, except to show intimacy to others, limited to a hug, hug, holding hands, kissing the cheek and forehead.

3. Not allowed to have a relationship with any third party during the contract. Unless you don't get caught.

4. Must provide a living in the form of a monthly expenditure of 1 million dollars.

5. It is mandatory to buy a car for transportation and the car brand must be the same or better than the first party, in this case, Adam Lynch.

6. Not informing anyone about the marriage contract agreement that has been mutually agreed upon.

7. The marriage agreement will be completed in exactly two years, starting from the date the marriage is legalized.

8. Divorce must be done properly, and all parties are obliged to maintain the confidentiality of the marriage contract that has been made.

9. If points 1 to 6 are violated, the second party has the right to cancel the marriage contract that has been made.

Adam read the terms Jenna had given him, sometimes he smiled sometimes he nodded his head.

"Is it only one million dollars a month? Is that enough?"

joked Adam. In fact, he could spend one million dollars in one day.

Jenna hurriedly pulled out the paper in Adam's hand and intended to revise the income figure she wanted. But nevertheless.

"Never mind. I'm not a mercenary! I have my own income anyway," Jenna snorted in disgust.

"Okay, tomorrow I will contact my attorney in London to make an official contract so that when we visit London we can sign it right away,"

Adam said and then took a photo of what Jenna wrote and sent it via email to his lawyer in London.

Jenna just stared at Adam in amazement.

How did Adam get a lawyer in London? Does he have a business there too?

"Tomorrow I'm going to Giethoorn! Skiing! The canals must be frozen!"

Jenna exclaimed excitedly.

"Me? We! Remember now you are not a solo traveler anymore. But Duo!"

Adam replied furiously.

Jenna smiled faintly at Adam. Who would have thought that someone's life could change so much in just two days?

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