Chapter 72. Meeting at the Chancellor (II)

" Well. Professor Mirza’s triumph is our duty.” Hamin Anata said.

"Now, let's celebrate our success in threatening those who try to get in our way," Deno said.

It seemed like the two of them were having fun enjoying their petty work. At the same time in another place, at the Malang resort police headquarters, Sofina had just finished being interrogated by investigators regarding the sexual harassment incident she experienced during her thesis supervision in the workroom of her thesis adviser, Hamin Anata. The good news was that the investigation team from the police promised to solve the case experienced by Sofia.

"That's all our questions, Miss Sofia. We will follow up immediately,” Ardi said, one of the police investigators.

"Sure sir. When will I be notified of the results of the investigation, sir?” Sofia asked.

“As soon as possible, Miss Sofia. We will also inform your lawyer about the results of the investigation."

" Sure sir. Th

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