Chapter 74. Hamin Anata's Arrest

There was a very strong knocking sound from outside the door of Deno Ristianto's office. The knock on the door surprised Deno and Hamin who was in a state of euphoria after threatening Frans. Without waiting any longer, Hamin got up from the chair, headed towards the door. Hamin opened the door and saw 5 men in plain clothes waiting with sharp eyes.

" Excuse me, sir. We are from the police, we are looking for Hamin Anata." Said Firli, one of the people standing in front of the door.

" Yes, it is me. What's the matter, sir?" Hamin Anata looked at the police officers with a surprised face.

“We have arrested you for the sexual harassment case against a student of the teaching faculty of the University of Siupala. This is an arrest warrant against you.” said Firli again and again.

Hamin read the arrest warrant against him and he could only shake his head in disbelief. Deno tried to lobby the police so that Hamin would not be taken to the police station.

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