Chapter 75. Shocking arrest (I)

Hamin Ananta has been brought to the Malang resort police headquarters to undergo further proceedings which are under the authority of the police. At the same time but in different places, the arrests made the ears of some parties hot. First, at the residence of Professor Mirza. The chancellor, who had just returned from outside the region, received news from an employee of the rectorate building.

" What? How can Mr. Hamin be arrested?” Mirza asked, clenching his right hand, while his left hand was holding a cellphone.

"Oh, how stupid Hamin. I already told him, you have to be careful with female students. Why are you still stuck?” Mirza said.

After listening to the explanation that Hamin was arrested by the police for the sexual harassment case against Sofina, a student from the teaching and education faculty. A staunch supporter of professor Mirza as the rector of Siupala University. Hamin also openly supports the professor in re-nominating as Chancellor for the 2017-2021 period.

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