Chapter 76. Shocking arrest (II)

"That's right, Mr Dirman. The police are investigating because Mr. Hamin is suspected of sexually harassing him during his thesis guidance," Rini said.

"Oh god ..." Dirman limp for a moment while rubbing his head.

"Mas Dirman are you okay?" asked Rini, again.

"Yes, Rin. It does not matter. Oh yes, I think in the next few days I have to go to South Malang. There is an environmental audit task there and I have permission from the Dean. You take care of my room, Rin,"

"Ready, sir, Dirman,"

"If there are students who want thesis guidance, ask them to just leave the files in our room first. You just accept the files from them."

"Okay, Mr Dirman," Rini said, before ending the chat on the phone.


Third, in Professor Sari's office, a strong candidate will be Professor Mirza's competitor in the election of the Chancellor of Siupala University for the 2017-2021 period. Aris Perdana, Professor Sari's assistant, has just finished reading the news of Hamin Anata's arrest which had
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