Chapter 78. The Step of Professor Sari (I)

"It's true what you say, Professor Sari. The truth will surely win even though it may have been defeated in the beginning," said Aris Perdana.

"Good, Mr Aris. Continue to be a fighter for the truth even if the risks are not always pleasant,” said Professor Sari.

A moment later, Professor Sari and Aris Perdana returned to focus in front of the computer screen to do their respective tasks. Professor Sari is tasked with completing the requirements for promotion, while Aris is tasked with tidying up the writing of journals that have been prepared by a team of Lecturers of the Faculty of Economics and Finance.

The arrest of Hamin Anata shocked the University of Siupala, including causing an uproar for the faculties that have been opposing Professor Mirza's policy as the current Chancellor of Siupala University.

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At half-past 12, just before the time for the midday prayer, there was a knock on the door from outside Professor Sari's office.

"Try to
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