Hit The Sandy Road
Hit The Sandy Road
Author: Dito Adimia

Chapter 1. Two Tangled Chains

Teaching statistics class becomes the today’s opening activity for Dirman. Dirman is a 30 years old lecturer who can be considered as a relatively young lecturer other than the other lecturers at Siupala University, Malang, East Java. His spirit in teaching students is always on fire.

Dirman just finished his presentation about Fisheries Statistics. His today’s lesson is quite interesting for his students to ask for more explanation that makes him tired.

“Is there any other questions?” Dirman said.

“No, sir” answered most of the students who attended the class at that time.

“Okay. So, next week we will have quiz then. Go ahead studying about lessons that I already gave on the previous meetings” said Dirman while walking out the classroom.

 At that afternoon, October 15th 2016, the weather was unusually hot that makes him didn’t want to go outside his room.

Other than that, his teaching time was already less than last year because he was already inaugurated as vice dean who has responsibility on students affairs. His new role made him busier than before whether in the office or that make him have to go out of town.

While he was sitting and watching his laptop, there was knocking sound from in front of his door.

“Please come in” said Dirman

Rini, Dirman’s assistant came to meet him. 

“Sir, there is someone who wants to meet you in the first floor lobby” said her with her little voice.

“Who is that, rin?” asked Dirman.

“It’s his business card, sir” said Rini

“I see, let him come in then” said Dirman

“Yes sir”

Rini went to first floor lobby to meet and escort a 45 year old man to Dirman’s office. The man calmly enter the room.

“My name is Reno, sir from PT. Adimio jaya” answered him.

“Have a seat please” asked Dirman 

Both of them comfortably start the talk while smiling and laughing in the middle of the talk. Rini brought two cups of warm tea that she put on the office table. After Rini left the room, the serious talks began.

“May I know, what is your purpose of coming here today?” asked Dirman

“My purpose of meeting you today is that I get assigned for handling my company that wants to start a projectin the south of Malang” said Reno

"What kind of project is that, sir?" asked Dirman

"It's a mall building project at the beach shore with exotic south sea view" argued Reno

"Is the project really will take place in the beach shore?" asked Dirman again to ensure himseld to be focus on the talk's topic

"That's right, sir. We want to make new shopping concept that is different from others becausr the visitor can see south sea view sir" said Reno

"Then, how many floors that the building plans to build?" askef Reno

"Ten floors, sir. We also have a promise of good access road to the government and people around the area during the project" explained Reno

"But, does the people around the area already agree on the project?" asked Dirman

"Luckily, the village head of the area and all of the goverment staffs already gave permission on conducting the project" explain Reno

Reno took a cup of tea in front of him that was already served a few minutes ago. After slowly sipping the tea, he took a deep breath.

"Unfortunately, this project did not have legal basis of Environmental Impact Analysis or known as AMDAL yet. As we already know that you are publicly known as the expert of AMDAL, perhaps you can audit the AMDAL documents of our project." said Reno with interesting offer

After that, Reno gave cooperation offering document from his company to Dirman.

Dirman opened the documents while scanning it, even though he haven't read it comprehensively.

"I will review the content later, sir" promised Dirman

"Yes, sir. How long that we can wait for the answer of our offering air?" asked Reno

"I will inform you approximately on a day after tomorrow" answered Dirman

"That's okay then, I will leave for now."

Dirman gave permission for Reno to leave the room.

He saw the watch that he wore, it was only 10.30 WIB. There was still 1 hour to go to lunch break and the lecturer meeting agenda in the Dean of the Faculty room, after lunch break.

Dirman began to carefully and slowly read cooperation offering document that he received, from the beginning to the end of document.

The nominal they offered to him as "honorarium" was fantastic for him, far above the basic wage he monthly received. Other than that, his consumption and accommodation fee had already been covered by PT. Adimio Jaya during the cooperation period. Those factors made him contemplate to accept the offer immediately.

However, while thinking and considering the offer, his wife, Lusi, called him.

"Hello. Assalamualaikum. What's wrong, ma?" asked Dirman.

"Wa'alaikumsalam, pa. Rivan, pa. Our child." said Lusi in a panic.

"Yes, ma. What's wrong with our child?" asked Dirman in surprise.

"After examination of chest pain that experienced by Rivan, doctor said that Rivan got lung cancer" said Lusi while shedding tears.

"Lung cancer, ma? Masyaa Allah." said Dirman in speechless.

"But dad, earlier the doctor said that start from tomorrow our child must immediately undergo treatment in the hospital in preparation for the removal of cancer cells in his lungs in a few days" said Lusi even more sad.

"Mama, don't be panic. Calm yourself down. Papa will try to provide the funds for Rivan's treatment until he fully recovered. Most importantly, tomorrow we will take Rivan to the hospital." said Dirman while calming his wife.

"Yes, dad. Please, hurry to the hospital to cheer Rivan up." asked Lusi.

"Yes of course, but firstly I will join the meeting this afternoon. I will rush immediately to the hospital at about 5 p.m" explained Dirman 

"Be careful, dad. Don't be too long" said Lusi

Dirman ended the talks with his wife over the phone. He tries to be calm herself down even though he was also panicked at that time. He immediately imagined the big amount of money that he would pay for the cost needed for hospital care for his child.

"Oh God, where can I get the money from?"

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