Chapter 113


We grabbed her, Atlas thought we could combine our powers to move her, it was going to be a long shot but I did what he said, as soon as my hands were on her a strange sensation waved through me, as I looked across the ground I could see Erik laying on the floor, he was still and unmoving, the red pool growing around him.

His eyes found my own and in that moment, I knew he was alive.

Atlas had his hand on me as well as my mother, she was fighting against us mentally. She was using her power against us as much as were against her, it felt like we were evenly matched. Several times we appeared in different places, thankfully not once did we end up in the Blood packs pack house.

It felt like we were losing our grip on her, she was strong and it seemed as if we were never going to get her in the cell.

Other members of the Blood pack were waiting by the cell, we needed enough of us to force her inside so we could shut the door, trapping h

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