Chapter 8 : Frozen World

Leveling Manage System

Chapter 8 : Frozen World

The weather still cold as usual, the air from night day envelope everywhere, even in the morning with warm sun, all around still freezing. 1 day after Xiao Wan left the Frozen World, Lola and Oldman Gao already recruit few people that not believe a group that took a place like a refuge camp, although their cultivation only Mortal stage 1 and the talent was low, they were good people.

Ten of them was the servant of Oldman Gao, the contract has been made by System, they can not betray him. The attraction of rice and meat was a miracle in the destruction era, they submit fast to be a servant or anything just for food, Oldman Gao orders them to build a camp near the red zone, one storehouse (excuse for food and beverage came from), two houses, ten-room and the wall to protect their territory, just ten-meter circle range from house, they work fast and harder, all of them was Mortal stage 1, very quickly to develop some building.

Before work, they have some breakfast. Servant 1 talk to another while slowly enjoyed the meal, remember back when the situation was normal. "Servant 2, we are lucky enough to meet Oldman Gao."

"Truth, this food is very delicious." Servant 2 saliva was too much, not only him but other servants are the same.

"Back the time when meeting Master, I offend him, but he was a nice person." Yesterday accidentally, Slave 1 think his Master's purpose was for Crystal, but he was wrong, don't get some punishment instead have a bigger gift than Crystal.

"You are not smart enough, I know the current people were rude and not trusted, but with Master Cultivation higher than us, was easy to take what we have." Slave 2 concerns the survival instinct of slave 1, the history they've been through was different from each of them.

All other servants can't speak, is not lazy to respond to the conversation, but the taste of their meal was, silent the stomach and their mouth. Fresh, sweet, not too salty, some crunchy at the corner of meat, although they never hunger before. The crystal can exchange for a pill from Alchemy, feed their need by nutrition only. Now the actual hunger from 5 years ago was pay off, their body responds primarily to hunger and thirst. Health Potion from the system was identical with pill nutrition. The formula can be seen when a woman breastfeeding her baby, ninety percent better than normal food, or pill nutrition.

"Master, why not open a market? Servant 1 sees Oldman Gao, while his mouth and tongue fill by the variant taste of food and beverage; Milk, Chocolate, Tea, Dumpling, Meatbun, Potato, Scrambled Eggs, etc. Five years ago he was a businessman, the idea shows up when his Master was served luxurious food to them.

"Servant 1, open market outside the gate of the wall, exchange the food to Crystal, don't make a massive sale, limited area only for lone hunter monster nearly." Oldman Gao doesn't want to recognize yet by another camp, their power battle was the same with his young Mistress, but the number of their people was too large.

"Yes Master, I will build a small house near the gate." Servant 1 understand, even his Master didn't tell him, every powerhouse at other camp was too much. He set up the price exchange for food, give the list menu to Oldman Gao.

Dumpling : One Crystal mutant level 1.

Meatbun : One Crystal mutant level 1.

Scrambled Eggs : One Crystal mutant level 1.

Potato : One Crystal mutant level 1.

Fried Noodles : Five Crystal mutant levels 1.

Boiled noodles : Five Crystal mutant levels 1.

Fried Rice : Five Crystal mutant levels 1.

Tea : One Crystal mutant level 1.

Chocolate : One Crystal mutant level 1.

Milk : One Crystal mutant level 1.

Oldman Gao sees the list menu, he shares it with young Mistress. "Good, from today you'll be the leader of the servant."

"Yes Master, thank you for the appointment." He kneels down with a new spirit, Servant 1 passion was twice, double than before, after the breakfast.

"Rise, start working." Oldman Gao sees servant 1 happy face, he smiles proudly.

Servant 2 congratulates the new position of leadership, he surprises, didn't think that a person who offense the master become a leader. "Salute bro, can you advise me, how to have such an idea."

"My family has some business before, this opportunity already in my sight, you can do like me."


"What do you do in the past?"

"I do nothing." Sigh.

"Mmm... Do you know marketing?"


"If you can, I will recommend you as acting leader to Master, just tell the lone Hunter monster that we have some food for exchange the Crystal."

"That sounds interesting."

"You can make a team, two or three people for safety, the range was 1 km from our camp."

"Just do that for the acting leader position?"

"Not really, second idea to back up your duty as an acting leader is, making the lone Hunter grup as an outer camp, like guarding the wall."

"Agree bro, ehmm..  I mean ... leader."

The progress house building was very easy, their capability was amazing. All of the servants were young, around twenty years old. If they open the cloth, a six-pack body can be seen, it's not from training hard or healthy food, but that's because a nutrition Pill from alchemy. The last building was the wall, although is not based on stone, just a few lumber to make a wall, the gate a bit more strong wood than the wall.

Servant 1 come to Oldman Gao, give some report. "Master, all building was done. What's the name of this camp?"

"Lao Camp." He sees young Mistress before, node to Lao Camp leader. 

"Master, servant 2 give me some idea." He shares the conversation between him and servant 2, hope his Master gives the position of acting leader to servant 2.

"Affirmative, choose what the best for our camp." Oldman Gao gives one hundred percent trust to leader Lao Camp.

Servant 1 was happy, the advice for recommendations servant 2 as an acting leader was approved. He goes to the Outpost near the gate, to arrange the marketing team. Two people as team 1 go to the South, two people as team 2 go to the East, two people as team 3 go to the West, two people as team 4 go to North.

Leader Lao Camp and one Servant guards the gate to welcome lone Hunter from 1 km range near their camp, the sun already at middle cloud, but the weather still cold as ever. Lunchtime was perfect in the afternoon, two people hiding in the forest, ten meter away from the gate.

"Brother, there is a real Camp." Lone hunter 1 analyzes the gate, if they want to scam them, no need for location base or traping in that place was ridicule, with their experience as lone Hunter for five years, it's not surprising much, although both of them only Mortal stage 1, their survival was higher than people at Camp.

"First brother, after you." Lone Hunter 2 following his brother from behind, walks slowly while looking around, on alert if something a miss. 

"Welcome to our Lao Camp." Servant 1 as a Leader with a business background, tries to be as friendly as possible to their new customer, which approaches the gate, smile widely as his face talk (we don't have ill intention), while giving the list menu.

"2 Boiled noodles and 2 cups of Tea." Lone Hunter 1 order immediately, if the news is true then he got a jackpot.

"Wait a moment please." Leader Lao Camp back to the storage house, the food and drink already prepared.

Two lone Hunter speechless see the food in front of their eyes, still hot and the flavour on the air was everywhere, every bite the noddle feel soft and chewy, the taste was very good. Don't mention five years, even one thousand century they will wait, like a couple, only for food. Both of them awaken from slumber and pay twelve Crystal level 1, then drink a cup of Tea, they get unconscious mind again. Lots of the compounds that support health benefits surely go by the wayside when Alchemy turns a dried Crystal, extracts it into a pill, and then into a powder. It's a bad idea to drink artificial tea, two Hunter was glad now, they drink natural tea. Money won't make you happy but neither will be being broke. Gold can buy happiness was a fallacy, Crystal does.

Slowly, lone Hunter comes from four directions, order the same choice. Similar results, after finishing their lunch. Some people make small tent, shelter them self before hunting few monsters. Greedy lone Hunter settled there, unavoidable trouble come, one after another.

Oldman Gao watches all the time, from the opening market house, until these present incidents. He missing from the camp when one of the members of Lao Camp looking for, actually he and the young mistress only use Stealthmode. They want to test the leader and member Lao Camp, how do they solve the problem.

Slave 2 find everywhere in the house, but there is no one. "Leader, Master and young Mistress maybe run away."

"Can't be." Leader Lao Camp didn't believe that his Master do that, it must be some trial for him and the member of this Camp.

"What should we do then?"

"We hold on till the Master come."

"Yes, Leader."

One of the greedy lone Hunter group stand proudly in front of the gate, he clearly can fight all people in Lao Camp, all of them were Mortal stage 2. "Who in charge? Get out now."

Servant 1 as a Leader Lao Camp satisfies every guest's request, he knows the opposite side didn't have good intentions. "I am, what do you want?"

"We are the rule in the red zone, that's why you must give some tax!"

"What contribution you can give to Lao Camp?"

"Do you want a hard way then!" He moved, try to kick the leader's body.

Set of circumstances, especially one that affects one's power to act. All members of Lao Camp making a counter attack, both sides were experience Hunter, one kick mortal stage 2 easy dismissed by ten Mortal stages 1 and get some injured. Greedy lone Hunter group react, they don't give member Lao camp time to resist.

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