Chapter 9 : Battle

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Chapter 9 : Battle


All members of Lao Camp got hit, Oldman Gao sees their State panel, each Health -1 reduce one point only, the enemy reverses their power. What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.

"Maintain a distance." Leader Lao Camp arrange the strategy to fight back, retreat while finding flaw from the enemy, patiently waiting for an ambush, target one person that moves first, even they move together, gambling decision about fifty percent success, if the action doesn't complete, they just retreat, he cleans some blood that out from the mouth. Stare at them to lock one who has a weak minded, think clearly was not possible for blinded people by treasure.

It's work, someone from greedy lone Hunter out of their formation. Knowing their side makes some reckless, all of them retreat.

"Be gentle, fight one by one


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