Chapter 28

Leveling Manage System

Chapter 28 

Lee Kuo Ang was the young master in Yao City, his Sect was number three on the list strength of power.

His family was a noble bloodline in Yao Nation, incredibly royal among three households in the Yao kingdom.

They hiding too long, didn't wish for to create an internal confrontation with two other family decisions about Yao Dynasty.

The family powerhouses never go out from the close door cultivation, the ancestor's seclusion was preserving for the disturbance arouse at Yao kingdom.

The pressure from family brings Lee Kuo Ang broke from home, the young intellectual cultivator at Yao City was a Mortal stage 6, they were an obsession with breaking through the bottleneck to stage 7 cultivation.

The conflicts not matching with his personality, the traveling was the on

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