The Lone Wolf
The Lone Wolf
Author: JiNX


Dear Diary,

Where do I begin....

My name is Aideen, first daughter born of the High Chief and Chieftess. High Chief Rhys and High Chieftess Fionn are known for their love of their people, and of each other. My father is stoic, features hardened by war. My mother is soft, caring, and very much the wife my father deserves. You can see the love in their smiles, and when they look at each other, their love is hard to hide. 

My clan, Clan Adair, is easily the largest and safest clan to be a part of. Surrounding clans rarely have an issue with us, and we are left alone most of the time. Our clan is feared, not only for our size, or our warriors. Our clan has a secret, we're werewolves. Not that anyone knows that fact. They just know our warriors are strong, and we've never lost a war. The stories told are that no one is left alive, and our warriors are all that is left on the battlefield. 

We haven't been to war in centuries, because stories get scarier the more they are told. Our warriors continue to train. Anyone who can fight, will train. Some of our fiercest warriors are female. My father was the first Chieftans to allow women to train, and to even fight. If you asked him why, it was because women deal with much worse things than war, like our male warriors. 

Now, I have 3 older brothers, 2 younger brothers, and another surprise on the way. I think my mom kept trying so I'm not the only girl, but that's never happening. 

In order, Gareth, 28, blond, blue eyed (you'll get used to these features) built like a wall. A wall meant to keep out dragons. 

Thomas, 25, dirty blond, blue eyes, head of our tactical team. Broad shoulders, strong arms, built like a sequoia tree. 

Jac, 22, ashy blond, icy blue eyes, smartest kid the world has ever seen, finished college by 16, and is now studying abroad to learn more. Lean, but tall. Faster than most fighters. He may not knock you out fast, but you will never land a hand on him. 

  1. I will come back to me....

The twins. Dylan and Elis. 13. Platinum Blond hair, piercing blue eyes. Troublemakers, and terribly smart. Growing like weeds, eating like starved dogs at every meal. Already taller than me by a couple inches. They have this bond that is unbreakable, and I take pity on the women who will break them up. 

The surprise - or at least we hope it's just one, as the twins are enough. My parents apparently are still trying for a girl...

My mother, fair and perfect in every way. Blue green eyes, wavy blond hair that shines like gold. A smile that will bring joy to any person, and a left hook that will knock you out in one swing. 

My father, wise and worn, brown curls that fall just passed his shoulders, hazel eyes that have seen too much, scars cover his large mass, still a beast in a fight.

So, about me... My eighteenth birthday is a few weeks away, and I'm not part of the matching set of brothers. If my parents weren't present at my birth, I'd think I was adopted. I stand at a whopping 5 foot tall, hair redder than the fires of hell, eyes greener than the clearest emerald, with flecks of gold throughout, and skin whiter than snow. The entire clan looks at me with disgrace, if they even bother to look at me at all.  

My parents do their best to protect me from them, but every morning we all train together, and I can feel them stare, every day. The words they say behind my back, the looks, the scoffs, I feel it all. I've learned to stay home and keep myself company, as to avoid conflict. The beta's daughter, Nia, has become a dear friend, and at 19, still looking for her mate. 

On your eighteenth birthday, you are given the connection to your wolven spirit. My parents say it's like finding the other half of you, that you didn't know was missing. The moon goddess bestows upon you power of the night, allowing you to shift into your wolf, communicate with the clan, and find your mate. Finding your mate isn't easy. It's not always in your clan, and if they're younger than you, you have to wait to find them. As wolves, we live longer than your average human, and by like 6 times. My father has been the leader of this clan for 244 years, and he doesn't look a year over 35. He didn't find my mother until 29 years ago. She was part of a different clan, and her pack was 14 hours away. She's only 178, being 85 years younger than my father, I'm sure they both thought that they would never find each other, but I am so happy they did. 

Since I'm the daughter of the High Chief, my birthday is not your standard occasion. He's invited every Alpha and their clan to our tiny city of a pack house for my birthday coronation. I am not a party person, I'm not even a people person. I am a warrior, who wants to come home and read. Now, the biggest party of the century is being thrown for me, in hopes I find my mate, and probably because I'm the only daughter, as of now, my father is going all out. 

All I want is to train, fight, and read. Is that too much to ask for?

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