Maybe it won't be so bad….

I hop out of the shower and grab my towel. Walking over to the sink, I wipe the steam off the mirror. I dry off my legs and pat down the rest of me. I feel like I'm a freak most days. Pale white skin, I all but glow in the dark. Flame red hair, that no one else in my family has. Deep green eyes, that pop yet draw you in. Added to that my curvy yet slim figure, lean, but my boob and butt make up 90% of my weight. But for how short I am, the muscle I've built from training, I'll never be a thing girl. And I'm ok with that. But will my supposed mate? Will he like my body? He has to, right? 

I grab my underwear and jeans off the sink and start to get dressed. Sliding my jeans around my hips, I have to jump a little to get in them, damn skinny jeans. Throwing on my bra, I start to dry my hair. The curls, they are cute

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